Tuesday, January 14, 2014

All I Want for Christmas Is a Nintendo DS Full of Porn

There was an awesome story that broke just after Christmas about an 8-year-old boy in Virginia who opened up his brand-new Nintendo 3DS only to find that some content had already been pre-loaded for him. There were 12 porn pictures on it! I know a lot of parents would take me to task for this, but I happen to think that's hilarious! Were they looking at the thing with him when the pictures were discovered or did he go to his parents and 'fess up after he found them. Eight is a little young to be bogarting porn so he probably told them. Imagine their surprise! And how to explain this? How exactly did those pictures get there? Well, it turns out that Wal-Mart, where the toy was purchased, is none too picky about putting returned merchandise back on the shelves. Apparently, they don't bother to check it before they do so. It's fascinating to me that someone would buy the things, put their porn on it, and then decide they don't want it and return it, porn and all. Just fascinating. So of course there's an outraged cry from parents that Wal-Mart needs to sort it stuff out so that their kids aren't similarly irreparably damaged by looking at naked people. I think they should choose to look at it as a bonus. Those pictures were free! If you don't want them, delete them. I just hope the porn wasn't pictures of people who never consented to have them passed around. That's pretty skeezy.

What I find really amusing about this is that the Adult Video News predicted it when the Nintendo 3DS came out. In 2011 they ran a story about a Japanese bikini model who had prepared a package of 3D photos of herself specifically for the 3DS. They said that the device, which allows people to see 3D images without wearing glasses, is perfectly suited for porn, and that, were it not so expensive to make the content, there would be loads of it available. Pornographers have always been among to first to adopt new technology - seems like at least a few people figured out the potential of this one pretty quick.

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